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Indirect Water Heater - Glass Lined


Therma-Flow delivers solutions to supplying the needed performance of todays domestic hot water needs for home or business. Each Therma-Flow AquaPlus tank with its specifically designed Mega Coil heats water by capturing the energy created by your existing boiler. The "indirect water heater" is linked to your hot water boiler and stores hot water at the desired temperature.

The AquaPlus tank is thermally wrapped so it easily maintains hot water temperature and, because the AquaPlus is glass lined, it offers exceptional long term performance. It's durable and the Mega Coil Assures you of a reliable way to meet your most demanding hot water requirements.

AquaPlus tanks are designed to serve a wide range of hot water applications and provide superior performance with all kinds of hydronic, radiant heat and steam heating systems. Households with multiple appliances and bathrooms, whirlpools, and hot tubs, benefit from an ample supply of hot water without concern of runouts.

  • Mega Coil glass lined heat exchanger with a high quality cobalt porcelain enamel glass lined tank
  • Over sized Mega Coil guarantees superior heat transfer – 1 ½" coil diameter with less pressure drop and high recovery
    • Smooth glass lined coil resists sediment buildup
  • Brass nipple connection Diptube and Hot Water outlet *NEW*
  • Immersion aquastat for precise temperature
  • Factory installed brass draw off
  • Factory installed brass well for aquastat
  • Thermally wrapped with high density insulation reduces standby heat loss
  • Removable Anode Rod 1" diameter for maximum tank protection against corrosion and electrolysis *NEW*
  • Stylish outer jacket
  • Various sizes to ensure a proper application for home or business
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Shipping weights are approximate. Data is subject to revision without notice. Consult factory for application assistance.

Glass Lined Indirect Water Heater
  • 7-year guarantee for residential use of glass-lined units
    • Max two apartments
  • 3-year guarantee for commercial use of glass-lined units
    • Commercial use is recognized as any application where the water heater serves more than two residential apartment units, and obvious applications such as restaurants, laundries, schools, etc.
Brass Nipples Standard
Glass Lined Indirect Water Heater
Indirect Water Heater
Glass Lined Indirect Water Heater
Indirect Water Heater
Brass Nipples Standard
Glass Lined Indirect Water Heater
Indirect Water Heater Top

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